1. Has more freedom? Yes, that's true. But not in the sense that they always go on vacations! They are just free to say what they want and go online on Twitter or something to interact with their fans! 2. The reason why Leeteuk has many solo works is because he was asked or invited by that certain show because of his charm at being an MC/DJ. That's why he won an award for most hardworking artist! And it's part of his contract to just accept any show given to him wether he likes it or not! 3. Well, if you're complaining that 3/4 of it was SJ's performance than that's because SNSD lacks stage presence! And as for DBSK, its probably because they don't sing their old songs with just 2 members, also because SJ has most number of fans who probably attended. Also because they usually complain about how they get easily tired. 4. To be honest, writing your own song and choreographing it isn't like freedom. It just shows they are creative and hardworking for their albums. While SNSD only relies on choreographers and writers cause they are not creative. No wonder they always loose in Star Dance Battles. 5. SNSD HAS TO KEEP UP WITH NATIONS GIRL GROUP IMAGE?! They only run to Japan and Korea all the time! While SJ? They run to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. As for Kyuhyun being drunk I don't really care. He's a man with needs. And besides,where is the proof? Don't tell me SNSD hasn't drunk once? They even said that Hyoyeon went crazy after drinking! 6. Of course they are okay with SM! SM made them who they re today, it would seem rude, would it not, if you just throw away the person that has molded you who you are? It would be mean to throw him away after paving the path for them!